This review, like all my reviews, assumes you have READ the comic! It's FULL of spoilers!
In fact, there's practically a spoiler in every sentence. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Proceed at your own risk as...
.Infinite Crisis #4
Written by Geoff Johns
Pencils by Phil Jiminez, George Perez, Andy Lanning
Inks by Lanning, Stucker, Perez, Campos, Albert, Palmoitti, Geraci

I totally hated the last issue of "Infinite Crisis" (#3), so I read #4 with great trepidation. Fear, almost. Because at the end of the last issue, I was thinking that DC had made a terrible mistake and was headed for a line-wide train wreck. That’s a big hill to get over, but I’m happy to say that Infinite Crisis #4 was able to do it.

This issue was full of memorable moments, and the art was noticeably better than last time. (But SEVEN inkers?!?!? WTF?!?!) First off, it was great to see Chemo, the old Metal Men villain, and the fact that he was used .as a living (?) bomb to destroy Nightwing’s “Bludhaven” made the occasion all the merrier. (Pictured left: Metal Men #25, featuring Chemo.)

I don’t read "Nightwing." I've never bought a single issue of the title in my life. I have nothing against Dick Grayson, I just don't like his comic. And I .hate the name “Bludhaven.” Is it the next village over from Spleenville, or is it just west of Dethtown? Oh wait... I think it's east of Limitedimaginationville.

Pictured right: Chemo in Crisis, about to be dropped on Bludhaven. He hit the target, so I think that's it for Bludhaven, but who knows. If it IS, I certainly won't miss the place. Nor will I be getting "Battle for Bludhaven."

By the way, remember all those Crisis-related specials and mini series? There was Countdown, the Rann- Thanagar War, Day of Vengeance, Villains United, the Sacrifice storyline in Superman and WW, etc., etc.?

Well, you can either go out and buy them all -- approximately two billion comic books -- or you could just read a single page from Crisis #4, which explains them ALL as part of Alexander Luthor’s plot to recreate the multiverse. You know, the part of the story where the villain explains his evil master plot to the helpless heroes in excruciating detail. It’s like getting two billion comics in a single page. Here's the page, pictured below. Help! I’m drowning in little yellow caption boxes!
With THAT exciting info-dump out of the way, we finally get to the main story this issue, namely the “Superboy of Earth Prime Goes Psycho” routine. This sequence was way, WAY overdone, and also way horrifically violent. What IS this, Friday the 13th Part 22? You think I’m being too harsh? .You tell me, reader.

Pictured below are a series of panels from Crisis #4, showing (1) Superboy "gently" punches someone’s head so hard it shatters into a fine mist, (2) Superboy rips someone’s arm out of its socket, and, worst of all, (3) Superboy subjects poor Krypton to what is probably the worst animal abuse ever seen in the history of comic books.

What a long way from the zany, body-switching fun of Adventure #239, cover pictured right. I don't really accept this particular mutt as the real Krypto, but still, that's no reason to show such blatant abuse of animals. "Mommy, why is Superboy kicking Krypto's teeth out? Can I do that to Spot? Please mommy???"
Was all that really necessary? And don't tell me, "Oh Robby, it's OK because it's not the 'real' Superboy -- it's only the Superboy of Earth Prime." Bunk! Violence is violence. Again -- do YOU want to explain to have to little Johnny why Superboy is smashing his dog's head open and kicking his teeth out? I don't. Pictured below, one of the great cool moments in the book -- three generations of Flashes team up to zap the crazed Superboy of Earth Prime. Another Flash eventually helps out too. Great stuff! BOOM!
Moving right along, we come to the Spectre. Last seen booking an ocean cruise with Eclipsette, Spec apparently has a new human host -- none other than Marvel's Ultimate Nick Fury! In Marvel’s “Ultimate” line, where the usual Marvel superheroes are modernized and reimagined, the formerly white Nick Fury became Black. And now, he’s apparently left SHIELD to become the new Spectre. His new name is Vic. In a move typical of this entire Crisis series, no other info is given on Vic. I think he’s from Gotham Central, but I don’t read that book, so screw me. Below are the panels from Crisis where Spec is forced into the body of Ultimate Nick Fury -- oops, I mean Mr. Vic Somebody -- mixed with panels from Marvel's "Ultimate Six," featuring the real Ultimate Nick Fury. Can you even tell which is which?
.OK, so the Spectre has a new human host, and he'll get his own title and soon be canceled. It's happened before. Way too many times before. But never mind. At the end of this issue of Infinite Crisis, it seems that Alexander Luthor's plot to recreate the Multiverse has succeeded!

On the last page, we see good old Earth Two, pictured side by side with Earth One. Yay! Even the exceedingly poorly-inked Superman pictured left is happy about it. But I do get the feeling this isn't going to last. Still, this issue was a marked improvement over last, and I have to admit I'm very much looking forward to the NEXT issue. Time will tell.